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Seven Unique Ideas for 2021 National Self Care Day

After over a year of staying at home and missing out on all the things and people we love (and like...and kind of like), many of us are booked and busy catching up with friends, family and doing some "revenge travel"😂 . While it’s been great to get outside again, we all have those days when we need to slow things down and practice some tried-and-true self-care. What a better way to get some "me time" in then on National Self Care Day, July 24th

Giving yourself time to reconnect and take care of yourself is always a great idea. Now that outside is open, it can be challenging to use some of the self care practices we picked up while at home (in most case just to maintain our sanity). Here are a few unique self care ideas for you to try:

1. Go on a picnic.

A day in the park is one of the ultimate me-time dates. So pack up all your favorite snacks and then head out to your local park to enjoy some time alone in the summer weather. And don’t forget to bring along things to entertain yourself, too, like a good book or a notebook to journal. If you're treating yourself, you can ask the Board Black Girl to make you a delicious charcuterie to enjoy. So all you have to do is pick a time and location in the park.

2. Let's Take, a Long Walk...🎵🎵🎵

There’s something about being outdoors in the middle of nature that’s so meditative. Give yourself a break from your laptop/screens and go on a hike to get away from the noise. Relish in the moments of peace of quiet, and try to channel that stillness within!

3. Grocery shop at your local Farmer's Market

What better way to practice self care than by cooking yourself a nutritious meal made with local, seasonal ingredients? If cooking is one of your love languages, head to your local farmers’ market to find some fresh goodies, and then whip up a nicer than usual homemade meal as a way to show yourself gratitude. Can't make it to a Market? That's okay, find local in season produce at your supermarket, A lot of times that produce is sourced by local farmers. Use this guide to help identify what produce is in season.

4. Create a morning ritual that includes applying SPF.

Spiritual self care is key, and a morning routine will help you set the tone for your day and get in the zone. This summer, try to curate a ritual that works for you, and be sure to include SPF application in the process. Wearing sunscreen is crucial every day, but especially in the summer when you’re outdoors a lot. I am currently OBSESSED with Black Girl Sunscreen. I can finally wear sunscreen without looking like a ghost...because that's not cute.

5. Go on a solo adventure to discover a local lake or waterfall.

Get re-inspired by taking a trip to a local lake or waterfall. Let yourself be in awe of nature and have some fun! North Carolina Mountains has a lot of waterfalls to explore and re-discover. Check them out here.

6. Start a garden.

Gardening is the perfect way to get outside, find time to meditate and enjoy watching the fruits of your labor flourish. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the process, check out a botanical garden and spend the day wandering in the blooms!

7. Do an at-home spa day.

We all need a day in sometimes, and having an at-home spa day is a luxurious way to treat our selves and pass the time. So grab your face masks, aromatherapy shower steamers/bombs, bubble bath, and of course, don’t forget the luxury scented candles to set the mood!

How do you plan to get in some self care this summer?

No affiliated ads were used in this post, just all things that bring me joy to share!

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