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"Flo's Grand, I'm Loving These Crystals!"

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

I have always loved crystals! I remember growing up, my mother had crystal geodes in our home. I was always fascinated with the way they glimmered when the sun hit just right and I could never resist moving it in the light to try and see inside of the rocks. Looking back, I also had an obsession with glitter...and sequins...maybe I just like shiny things 🤔. In any event, I've received a lot of questions about that insanely cute copper wrapped stone paired with our Flows Grand Soy Wax Crystal Candles--How can they be used? What should I do with them? Do I need to do anything special with the crystal? The short answer is--you don't have to DO anything. If you are only drawn to the beauty you can admire it from that perspective. Aesthetic benefits come just in appreciating how they look or having it in your space. However, if you're interested in learning how to "use" the crystals, here is some insight about a few of the crystals we selected and ways that some people use them!

Rose Quartz

This pale pink stone is known for being the stone of unconditional love. Some say this is the crystal to reach for when you need some extra loving in your life! It is believed to open pathways for love to flow freely!

Anecdotal benefits of this quartz include:

  • Increased feelings of self-love and peace

  • Clearer skin-complexion (there are so many rose quartz facial care products! Masks, facial rollers, creams, etc)

  • Decreased appearances of wrinkles (cause of the facial products👆🏾)

The rose quartz is also known as The Heart Stone because it’s believed to be deeply connected to the energy of our heart, hence why this gorgeous stone is recommended to be worn close to your chest. A necklace is a cute way to tap into those heart vibes. Some women even wear them in their bra—but be careful you may literally be dropping jewels if you do that😊


Amethyst is believed to be a protective crystal that has powerful healing and cleansing properties. If you’re seeking mental clarity and overall tranquility, believers of healing crystals would suggest this stone for you.

Its believed benefits are:

  • Overall serenity

  • Increased feelings of calm

  • Protection from negative energies

People say you can receive the benefits of amethyst by carrying it in your bag or placing the geodes your home.

Amethyst is paired with our Thankful and Tranquil Lavender Candle


This yellow-brownish form of quartz is associated with success and prosperity. It’s referred to as The Merchant’s Stone since citrine reportedly assists with helping you secure THEE bag.

Some people say they’ve experienced the following benefits when using citrine:

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased feelings of confidence

  • Balanced emotions

Citrine is believed to attract wealth, so if I were you, I would use it everywhere. Get creative and decorate your office with a homemade candle adorned with citrine to attract prosperity--financially and otherwise!

Citrine is paired with our Grateful Grapefruit candle

And Bonus…Copper benefits. While Copper is not a crystal it is a metal believed to have its own set of benefits some of which are seen in our everyday items— for example, Copper thread is used for athletic wear to promote blood flow which is good for healing muscles.


Copper is a valuable metal known for cleansing negative energy and conducting energy. Copper is believed to have increased benefits when used in combination with crystals.

Reported benefits of wearing or using copper include:

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Combats lethargy and passivity

  • Increased mental clarity and focus

Because this metal is believed to be an excellent amplifier of energies, it is said that wrapping copper around stones leads to more powerful effects and benefits. If you wear it as jewelry, it also makes you look good.

After learning about a few common crystals and their uses and benefits, what are your thoughts on crystals? Do you have a favorite? Ultimately, some believe in the alternative healing properties of crystals and metals and others are attracted to the way they look and appreciate them for their beauty. Whatever your perspective, I hope that they add some joy in your world!

There are plenty of creative ways to integrate crystals in your life. You could collect geodes, handmade candles adorned with crystals, jewelry or explore crystal grids. Every Flows Grand Crystal Candle is paired with a copper wrapped crystal that is meant to match the vibe of that crystal, once the candle is done the crystal is a reminder that joy is always with you! Our Flows Grand 100% Soy Wax Crystal Candles make great gifts to yourself or a loved one.

With Joy,

Flo's Grand

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