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30 Days in and Forever to Go!

The First 30 Days of Our Candle and Gift Shop at The Market at 7th Street

Opening our candle shop at The Market at 7th Street has been an incredible journey filled with excitement, learning, and community connection. Reflecting on the first 30 days, it's clear that this vibrant space has become more than just a place of business; it's a thriving hub of creativity and camaraderie.

Grand Opening and Warm Welcomes

From the moment we opened our doors, customers and fellow vendors welcomed us with open arms. The Market at 7th Street, known for its eclectic mix of artisans and food stalls, provided the perfect backdrop for our handcrafted candles. The initial days were a whirlwind of setting up displays, perfecting our products, and meeting curious shoppers who were eager to learn about our scents and the story behind our candles.

Lovin Life Festival

Post Malone, Stevie Nicks, and Petey Pablo--all at one Festival? No other than the first Lovin Life Music Festival! One of the highlights of our first month was participating in this event. This eclectic concert brought an influx of visitors to the market, all in search of unique finds and joyous experiences. Our candle shop became a popular stop, attracting festival-goers with our array of fragrances, candles and fest specific items . The atmosphere was electric, with live music, delicious food, and a palpable sense of community spirit. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our products and connect with a broader audience.

Celebrating Our First Mother's Day

Celebrating our first Mother’s Day at the market was particularly special. We curated a selection of candles specifically for the occasion, featuring soothing scents perfect for relaxation and self-care. Many customers came in looking for thoughtful gifts, and it was heartwarming to help them find the perfect candle for their mothers. The day was filled with smiles and gratitude, reinforcing our belief that our candles can bring joy and comfort to others. We even hosted a Mother's Day themed Candle Class with mocktails!

Looking Ahead

We’re excited to continue growing and evolving within this vibrant community as we move forward. The first 30 days have been a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and the support of those around us.

Come by say "Hi!" or come to one of our upcoming Candle Making Joy workshops. Next class is this Saturday, June 8th 4-6pm!

Here’s to many more months of light and fragrance at The Market at 7th Street!

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